My Heart

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I’m afraid I haven’t been honest with you all. The truth is, I long to bring the truth of God’s word to everyone on this earth. With this goal in mind, I’ve gotten so caught up in building my platform and expanding my audience. I became prideful. I was prideful in my platform, I was prideful in my stats, and I was prideful in myself. My heart was in the wrong place; that’s why God had to temporarily stop the ideas from flowing. Now I’m ready to get vulnerable. I don’t care how many people see this, I just want God to be glorified. I am finally unashamed of pouring my heart onto this page. 

My Heart

By: Sarah Fox 

My heart is the source of my being.

My heart is the nucleus of my existence.

My heart is a broken vessel, forever longing to be mended.

My heart is a vault that carries precious treasure.


My heart is a well that never runs dry.

The wrong people often stop to take a drink.

My heart is an alabaster box, filled with priceless perfume to its brink.

My heart is a gift that too many take for granted.

My heart is a ballad, every note expressing anguish.


At times, my heart is cold as ice,

Longing to be thwarted with passionate flames.

My heart is an instrument that plays a melody to my veins.

My heart is like a mother’s labor, bearing constant hurt and strains.


My heart is broken.

My heart was used.

My heart is locked down.

My heart was abused.

My heart was prideful.

My heart fears pain.

My heart is lonely.

My heart pours like rain.


My heart is still beating.

My heart is still strong.

My heart is going through some cleansing.

My heart still has a song.


My heart still hopes.

My heart still loves.

My heart still believes.

My heart still dreams.


My heart is that small tree, still getting nourished from fresh streams.

My heart is a golden one, it still needs refining.

My heart will never stop glowing.

Nothing can stop it from shining.

My heart was hurt, but it is still beating.


My heart is melting from the Holy Spirit’s heating.

Yes, my beating heart is broken, but it still beats faith and hope to my dying veins.

Yes, I still have a heart,

My valiant heart still remains.


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