What If

  In light of the COVID 19 pandemic, I want to share this short poem with you in order to offer hope in these tedious times. What If By Sarah Fox What if this pandemic is a sign? What if this season is all by God's design? What if God has a word for all... Continue Reading →

Soar, Caged Bird

Soar, Caged Bird By: Sarah Fox In honor of Black History Month, I wrote a poem called "Soar, Caged Bird" which pays homage to Maya Angelou's "Caged Bird" poem. The poem talks about the history of slavery and segregation and how black people were able to rise above that through engaging with their heritage. There... Continue Reading →

Wounded Warrior

In light of all the recent stories surrounding mental illness, I'd like to share this poem with you all. It speaks about my own journey and it encourages us that we can find hope in Jesus because of His work on Calvary. I pray that whatever you are going through, God would give you the... Continue Reading →


Suffering By: Sarah Fox  Blood spills, Ladies' screams shrill, At the sight of this gory scene. Whips fly while the people cry, They can't stand to see the agony and the pain.   After the lashes, The crowd clashes, I don't think He can take it anymore! The pain, the sorrow, It was all for... Continue Reading →

Hope Has Arrived

Hope Has Arrived By: Sarah Fox   Innocent 12-year-old girl, She stands alone. She’s broken, hurt, And lost in this dark world. Her heart was ruined, Her life was drained, Her trust was broken, And only the pain remained.   Her father stepped out on her. He caused the hurt of her sister and mother.... Continue Reading →

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