This is a collection of videos from my Awaken Love YouTube Channel! View my channel for more like these.

60 Second Gospel

This video presents the good news of salvation and my own personal experience of walking with Christ.

300 Writing Prompts Day 5: Chatter Box

Are you addicted to your phone as much as I am? See my response below:

300 Writing Prompts Day 4: Rise and Shine

Early mornings are never easy, especially when you are in a rush to go to work , school, or other activities. What do you do first thing in the morning? Click on the video to watch my response:

All About Awaken Love

Jesus 101: We All Need God’s Grace

300 Writing Prompts Day 3: Undercover Mentors

300 Writing Prompts Day 2: Stupid Questions!

300 Writing Prompts Day 1: The Wind Speaks

Who am I? Poem by: Sarah Fox


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