Spoken Word

Here is a collection of poems that I wrote to reflect the many seasons in my life. Some of them are from my years in high school and a few are from my current time in college. I hope that they touch your heart and bless your life!

What If

By Sarah Fox 


In light of the COVID 19 pandemic, I want to share this short poem to offer hope during this tedious time.

What if this pandemic is a sign?

What if this season is all by God’s design?

What if God has a word for all of us?

What if there’s peace amidst the fuss?

What if we decide to band together?

What if we stay united until things get better?

What will we do when God speaks to us?

Will we ignore His Word or strengthen our trust?

Will we take advantage of hope during this time or will we self-isolate and fall into despair? 

God is speaking, 

God is planning, 

God is waiting,

God is reaching, 

God is teaching, 

God is preaching, 

God is redeeming.

We need to lift our eyes,

We need to turn from our wickedness and lies,

We need to love one another like never before,

We need to humble ourselves and turn to the Lord. 

This pandemic is not the end,

God wants us to turn to Him,

He wants our hearts to mend.

What if this season is a great awakening?

What if we recognize God’s mighty hand?

The world is changing, 

We need not live in fear, 

Jesus is still calling, 

Jesus is drawing us near. 

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and heal their land.

– 2 Chronicles 7:14

Soar, Caged Bird

By: Sarah Fox

In honor of Black History Month, I wrote a poem called “Soar, Caged Bird” which pays homage to Maya Angelou’s “Caged Bird” poem. The poem talks about the history of slavery and segregation and how black people were able to rise above that through engaging with their heritage. There is also a charge at the end to keep the hope for freedom and reconciliation alive in America today and for the future.


For centuries, we’ve been silenced,

No one cared to heed our voice,

For decades, we’ve been oppressed,

We never even had a choice.


The spirit of our culture was shackled with chains,

The song of our hearts became a faint cry,

Although Satan tried to strip away our freedom,

The hope of our glorious redemption still remains.


Sing caged bird,

Never stop flapping your wings,

Soar caged bird,

Let the song of freedom ring!


After years of suffering and bondage,

We finally started breaking ground,

The destiny of liberation was in reach,

Yet the barriers of segregation kept us bound.


Despite the obstacles we faced,

Our song of victory was never erased,

We broke the bars of separation,

We continued to sing the song of hope over our great nation.


Sing caged bird,

Never stop flapping your wings,

Soar caged bird,

Let the song of freedom ring!


It’s time for us to embrace the grace that we carry on the inside,

It’s time for us to break these prison bars and wear our heritage with pride!

We have the power to fulfill Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream,

The blazing light of reconciliation will continue to gleam.

Let’s sing the song of freedom, we will no longer be silent,

We can rise above the hate, the agony, and the violence.


Sing caged birds,

Never stop flapping your wings,

Soar caged birds,

Let the song of freedom ring!

My Heart

By: Sarah Fox 

My heart is the source of my being.

My heart is the nucleus of my existence.

My heart is a broken vessel, forever longing to be mended.

My heart is a vault that carries precious treasure.


My heart is a well that never runs dry.

The wrong people often stop to take a drink.

My heart is an alabaster box, filled with priceless perfume to its brink.

My heart is a gift that too many take for granted.

My heart is a ballad, every note expressing anguish.


At times, my heart is cold as ice,

Longing to be thwarted with passionate flames.

My heart is an instrument that plays a melody to my veins.

My heart is like a mother’s labor, bearing constant hurt and strains.


My heart is broken.

My heart was used.

My heart is locked down.

My heart was abused.

My heart was prideful.

My heart fears pain.

My heart is lonely.

My heart pours like rain.


My heart is still beating.

My heart is still strong.

My heart is going through some cleansing.

My heart still has a song.


My heart still hopes.

My heart still loves.

My heart still believes.

My heart still dreams.


My heart is that small tree, still getting nourished from fresh streams.

My heart is a golden one, it still needs refining.

My heart will never stop glowing.

Nothing can stop it from shining.

My heart was hurt, but it is still beating.


My heart is melting from the Holy Spirit’s heating.

Yes, my beating heart is broken, but it still beats faith and hope to my dying veins.

Yes, I still have a heart,

My valiant heart still remains.

Who am I?

By: Sarah I. Fox

I initially wrote this poem in order to embody the jewels of my heritage as a young Black woman in this modern society. I wanted to show that the history of my ancestors will continue to live on in me as I carrying on a torch that has been burning for decades.

Who am I? It is a question without a direct answer.
In order to conform to the pressures of modern society,
I am forced to hide my true identity.
This double standard eats away at my soul like a deadly wave of cancer.

Am I another fading face in the midst of a massive crowd?
Will I make my mark in the world? Will my legacy be renowned?
Will I be able to rise above the ashes or will I allow statistics and stereotypes to weigh me down?

It’s time for me to embrace the grace that I carry on the inside,
I am a “phenomenal woman” who flaunts her curvaceous hips and “inner mysteries” with pride.
I am the fulfillment of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream,
The blazing light of peace and unity will continue to gleam.
I am the mighty warrior that Malcolm X spoke up for.
I embody the equality that the March on Washington sought to restore.

I am a strong black woman who has the power to overcome.
I can move mountains, and I will reclaim my freedom!
My ancestors died fighting so that I can live in victory.
It’s not another dreary tale, their struggles are apart of my history.
I am worth more than the pigmentation in my skin,
The clothes that I wear, or the curls that form in my natural hair.
I am the hope that keeps the legacy alive,
I am the proof that Black history will never die!

Here is a link to the audio version of this poem.

 Healing Takes Time

 by: Sarah Fox

This poem is a direct reflection of the current season in my life. I want to encourage you: No matter what you’re going through, I want to let you know that God will never leave your side and his grace is enough to bring you through. I pray that this will touch your heart and bless your life!

It takes time.

The growth, the relief, the defeat of brutal pain,

It all takes time.

I need to move aside so the Holy Spirit can move in me.

I need to stop trying to cope with the pain,

And allow the Almighty God to reign, on the throne of my aching heart.

For those who hurt me, I need to let them go.

I need to forgive them so my soul can begin to grow.

It is never easy to heal.

Sometimes the pain is so horrible

That I don’t even know what or how to feel.

It’s like I have a heart made of steel!

My joy, my light, my love,

Oh all these things the Devil is desperately trying to steal.

But Jesus, He is REAL!

He’s the one who helps me to heal.

Healing takes time, but it won’t be long,

Because Jesus has the wheel.

The pain is fleeting,

The scars are fading away.

The bruises have stopped swelling,

Jesus is making a way.

The process is slow,

But He carries me day by day.

Moments of healing are always worth feeling,

But it all takes time.

Here is the audio version:


Some Poems from my old blog Gemgirl7!

Family by: Sarah Fox

I have a family with a mom and dad.

We have moments that are happy, and some that are sad.

It’s pretty normal in the house,

but when you have many brothers and sisters,

it’s never as quiet as a mouse!

Family is awesome, they are the best!

They are your comfort and your rest.

Sometimes they can get on your nerves,

but you’d better listen to the advice that they serve!

God designed families to stay and be together.

To show unconditional love, no matter what kind of weather!

People, love your families, and be good to them.

They’ll be your light when life grows dim.

Love them, cherish them, make every moment a blast!

You’ll never know when that great moment might just be the last!


I’m Still Here by: Sarah Fox

This week was a very rough week for me. Stress in school, termination of past relationships, and miserable people have all plagued my world. This song by Damita Haddon gave me strength as I fully submitted and cast all my cares upon God that very night. With God’s strength, I birthed this very poem from this very powerful and inspirational song. I hope that they would touch your heart and soul as it did mine.

I’m still standing,

I’m still here.

My pain tried to break me,

The Devil tried to shake me,

But I’m still here!

My heart may have been broken,

But it still beats.

My God still watches over me,


More than a Conqueror,

A warrior,

A fighter,

A winner,

A victor,

A powerful woman,

An independent woman,

A God-fearing woman,

A survivor,

A Queen,

A strong woman,

A caring woman,

A wise woman,

Royal woman,

Daughter of the King!

That’s right, I’m still standing,

By God’s grace I’m STILL HERE!!

Take a Stand by: Sarah Fox

I don’t need to blast Gospel music in my car.

I don’t need to wear cross earrings or necklaces.

I don’t need to have a “Jesus saves” bumper sticker on the back of my vehicle.

I don’t need to wear a sign on my back that says “I am saved, sanctified, Holy Ghost filled, and water baptized.”

I don’t need to have perfect attendance in church.

I don’t need to stand on top of tables or in the middle of traffic and tell everyone that they are going to hell.

I don’t need to reference a scripture verse every time someone greets me.

I don’t need the biggest hat, the fanciest dress, the whitest gloves, the pew in the front row, or the largest amount given in the offering basket.

I take a stand for Christ through my relationship with him.

I take a stand for Christ through the words that I speak, the way I carry myself, and how I treat other people.

I take a stand for Christ by walking by faith and not by sight.

I take a stand for Christ by walking in the Spirit of God and fulfilling the desires of the Lord instead of my flesh.

I take a stand for Christ by making the unpopular choices.

I take a stand for Christ by embracing my loneliness, knowing that he is always there for me.

I take a stand for Christ when I go to my closet or the privacy of my room, get down on my knees and fight my battles in prayer.

I take a stand for Christ by studying his word and speak it over my life, and the ones that I love.

I take a stand for Christ when I pray for and love those who used me, abused me, and hurt me, because I know that my God will avenge me!

I take a stand for Christ when I stand alone for his name sake.

I take a stand for Christ when I fight the good fight and complete the course for Jesus.

I take a stand for Christ when my life touches others and ministers to their souls.

I take a stand for Christ when I surround myself with godly men and women who will uplift and build my spirit to make me stronger.

I take a stand for Christ when I let my light shine before men so that they will know that I serve a mighty God who is able to save.

I take a stand for Christ not by my works, but through my LIFE.

Come to Him by: Sarah Fox

If you’re tired, come to him for rest.

If you’re hurt, come to him for healing.

If you’re confused, come to him for clarity.

If you’re depressed,  come to him for joy.

If you’re in chaos, come to him for peace.

If you’re lonely, come to him for friendship.

If you’re broken, come to him for restoration.

If you’re fearful, come to him for courage.

If you’re defeated, come to him for victory.

If you’re lost, come to him for direction.

If you’re downtrodden, come to him for comfort.

If you’re weak, come to him for strength.

If you’re thirsty, come to the Living Water.

If you’re hungry, come to The Bread of Life.

If you think no one understands you, come to Our Great High Priest who is able to understand.

If you think you’re a failure, come to the one who never fails.

Come to The Good Shepherd

Come to The Lion of Judah

Come to The great I AM

Come to The Alpha and Omega

Come to The Savior

Come to The Rock of Ages

Come to The King of Kings

Come to The Lord of Lords

Come to The Healer

Come to The Comforter

Come to The Lamb of God

Come to JESUS

He is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE!


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