Still Shining

This year started off with a bang: I got a new job as a Case Manager/Transformational Coach for underprivileged youth. With God’s help, I escaped the worm hole of real estate and finally made it into the realm of what I want to do with my life. My podcast, Rough Edges, is growing in leaps... Continue Reading →

Passion Post: Let Someone Else Pour

Passion Post#2: Let Someone Else Pour I was browsing through Netflix and I came across this show called Sweet Magnolias. I was hesitant to start watching the show because it seemed too corny for my liking (I prefer psycho-thrillers and superhero films). While there are some cheesy moments, I appreciate the valuable life lessons that... Continue Reading →

Toni Morrison’s “Beloved” Legacy

Toni Morrison is one of the most legendary novelists of all time. Not only did her literary works spark essential conversations about the experiences of African-Americans during the sixties and seventies, but she also revolutionized the black narrative during the Civil Rights movement. Morrison's novels transformed my perception of being an African-American woman. The Bluest Eye taught... Continue Reading →

Soar, Caged Bird

Soar, Caged Bird By: Sarah Fox In honor of Black History Month, I wrote a poem called "Soar, Caged Bird" which pays homage to Maya Angelou's "Caged Bird" poem. The poem talks about the history of slavery and segregation and how black people were able to rise above that through engaging with their heritage. There... Continue Reading →

In His Hands

The following story is a very personal one. It reflects my journey with God and my growth of knowing Him as my Heavenly Father. This story is written by me and is subject to copyright. The story also reflects God's grace towards us, which was made possible by Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for our... Continue Reading →

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