My Heart

  I'm afraid I haven't been honest with you all. The truth is, I long to bring the truth of God's word to everyone on this earth. With this goal in mind, I've gotten so caught up in building my platform and expanding my audience. I became prideful. I was prideful in my platform, I... Continue Reading →

Broken Mirrors

Broken Mirrors by: Sarah Fox There are broken mirrors all around us, making us see our worth through shattered glass. To the ladies who struggle with insecurities and shame, this one is for you: To the girl who starves herself to reach that ideal weight, To the girl who wants a fuller figure, stuffing herself... Continue Reading →

300 Writing Prompts Day 1

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new video series called 300 Writing Prompts! I recently bought a book by the same title and I wanted to make it fun in allowing you all to choose random numbers between 1 and 300 and I will make the video based on the numbers you choose.  If you want […]

Starlight Art Night

This is a reflection of my debut in spoken word at my school, The King’s College. I was honored to share my work in the Black History Month event called Starlight Art Night. I am at 26:00 (in case you wanted to skip ahead). “The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description.”- […]

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