Broken Mirrors

Broken Mirrors

by: Sarah Fox


There are broken mirrors all around us, making us see our worth through shattered glass. To the ladies who struggle with insecurities and shame, this one is for you:

To the girl who starves herself to reach that ideal weight,

To the girl who wants a fuller figure, stuffing herself with every piece of food on her plate,

To the girl who scrolls through social media sites, comparing her photos to others who receive more likes,

To the girl who is afraid to step on that scale, bothered by those high numbers.


To the girl who looks in disgust at what she sees in the mirror,

To the girl who slathers makeup on her face to cover her blemishes,

To the girl who feels the pressures of trying to maintain a perfect reputation,

To the girl who wears long sleeved shirts to cover those scars on her wrists,

To the girl who thought of killing herself and is now ashamed of her decision to stay alive,

To the girl who feels alone in a crowded room,

To the girl who purposely sits alone, longing for something to fill the emptiness that she feels inside.


To the woman who works endless nights to feed her starving children,

To the woman who was lied to several times by the man she thought she loved,

To the woman who received that eviction notice,

To the woman who was told that she doesn’t belong, and that she doesn’t have what it takes to succeed,

To the woman who is struggling to embrace her sexuality,

To the woman who is forced to stay silent and absorb the blows.


To the woman who was ridiculed for having that abortion,

To the woman who doesn’t know when her husband is coming back home,

To the woman who was overlooked for her hard work,

To the woman who wants to speak out for Christ, but is living with an addiction that she can’t control,

To the woman who stays in the relationship even though it is draining her soul.


To every girl, to every woman who longs for acceptance and love,

Look no further than the Father up above.

This world has broken mirrors which show us a marred reflection of who we were meant to be.

There is someone who holds our true reflection,

There is someone who is longing to bind your broken heart.

He sees your hurt,

He feels your pain,

He weeps for you and knows you by name.


Come to the Father who waits with open arms,

His only begotten Son took all those burdens on the cross,

You gained life at the expense of his loss.

There is a new image that outshines those broken shards of glass.

Your worth is found in Christ, He has a love for you that will always continue to last.


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