What to Do When Your Plan A is God’s Plan B (Feature)

I’m pleased to share my third feature with Iridescent Women! Please see below for an excerpt from the article and visit the link below for more.

Graduating college during a pandemic was not on my agenda for 2020. As I attended my virtual graduation ceremony, I panicked at the idea of finding a job in the legal field. With the courts shutting down and my connections to better opportunities dwindling by the minute, I knew that my chances of becoming a paralegal were slim. Even with all the odds stacked against me, I never stopped searching for a legal assistant position. 

For months, I made countless phone calls, submitted my resume through multiple job sites, and followed up with several firms about my applications. Even with all of my efforts, I was still coming up short. I finally decided to take a temporary administrative position at a property management firm after getting a phone call from the temp agency I was working with. 

I was initially hesitant about working there because the job wasn’t in my field of interest. I didn’t know anything about the real estate industry, and I thought that God had bigger plans for me. Since there were no alternatives at the time, I convinced myself to stay at the firm.

Visit this link for the full article: https://iridescentwomen.com/2021/01/15/what-to-do-when-your-plan-a-is-gods-plan-b/

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