Lessons from my Battle with Bipolar Disorder

It’s been 2 years since having bipolar disorder changed my life forever.

In 2021, my world turned upside down after receiving a diagnosis of bipolar 1 disorder. Everything I knew about myself was shattered.

Through endless months of searching for the right therapy tools, the appropriate medicinal treatments, and the best way to manage my self-care, I learned 3 important lessons about living with bipolar disorder:

1) Healing takes time: You can’t rush through your healing journey. It takes diligence and knowing that your wellness is worth the wait.

2) Your diagnosis does not define you: Having a mental health diagnosis does not make you a bad person, nor does it mean that you are defective. You are MORE than what your diagnosis says.

3) Community is vital for holistic healing: One of the most important aspects of healing is having a great support system. I’m grateful for my family, friends, mentors, Rough Edges supporters, and my bipolar community. You all helped me to see the bigger picture and to appreciate my progress. Love you all.

After two years of learning how to live well with bipolar disorder, I can boldly say that I’m making great strides by the grace of God. I’m open to learning even more about taking care of my mental health and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.

I know that the best is yet to come.

Happy World Bipolar Day to all who are learning how to live well with bipolar disorder.

What are some encouraging words that you have for yourself or someone you know who is dealing with bipolar disorder? Please share in the comments below.

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