My Comfort

Sorry for not being as active as I should be. To be honest, life is a little rough but that shouldn’t stop me from glorifying God in the process. 

My Comfort

By: Sarah Fox

Lord, you are my comfort.

Lord, you are my refuge.

Lord, you are my shepherd. 

Lord, you are my King. 


Lord, you are my comfort,

You’re mighty strong and full of love.

You shield me from danger,

God, you keep me in everything.


You know my present sorrow.

You know every ache and pain.

Lord, I need to be honest with you,

I just can’t see past this thick rain.


My life is a mess and my heart in agony.

Free me from this dear Lord!

Please save my broken soul!

Free me from this cycle of pain,

And make my spirit whole.


Lord, be my comfort,

Be the Father that I need.

I know that you love me dearly,

But I need you to hear my plea.


Lord, be my COMFORT. 

Lord, be my REFUGE.

Lord, be my SHEPHERD.

Lord, be my KING.

Lord, please be with me in everything.



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