Who am I?

Who am I?

By: Sarah I. Fox

I initially wrote this poem in order to embody the jewels of my heritage as a young Black woman in this modern society. I wanted to show that the history of my ancestors will continue to live on in me as I carrying on a torch that has been burning for decades.

Who am I? It is a question without a direct answer.
In order to conform to the pressures of modern society,
I am forced to hide my true identity.
This double standard eats away at my soul like a deadly wave of cancer.

Am I another fading face in the midst of a massive crowd?
Will I make my mark in the world? Will my legacy be renowned?
Will I be able to rise above the ashes or will I allow statistics and stereotypes to weigh me down?

It’s time for me to embrace the grace that I carry on the inside,
I am a “phenomenal woman” who flaunts her curvaceous hips and “inner mysteries” with pride.
I am the fulfillment of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream,
The blazing light of peace and unity will continue to gleam.
I am the mighty warrior that Malcolm X spoke up for.
I embody the equality that the March on Washington sought to restore.

I am a strong black woman who has the power to overcome.
I can move mountains, and I will reclaim my freedom!
My ancestors died fighting so that I can live in victory.
It’s not another dreary tale, their struggles are apart of my history.
I am worth more than the pigmentation in my skin,
The clothes that I wear, or the curls that form in my natural hair.
I am the hope that keeps the legacy alive,
I am the proof that Black history will never die!

Here is a link to the audio version of this poem.

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