Healing Takes Time

By: Sarah Fox

This poem is a direct reflection of the current season in my life. I want to encourage you: No matter what you’re going through, I want to let you know that God will never leave your side and his grace is enough to bring you through. I pray that this will touch your heart and bless your life!

It takes time.

The growth, the relief, the defeat of brutal pain,

It all takes time.

I need to move aside so the Holy Spirit can move in me.

I need to stop trying to cope with the pain,

And allow the Almighty God to reign, on the throne of my aching heart.

For those who hurt me, I need to let them go.

I need to forgive them so my soul can begin to grow.

It is never easy to heal.

Sometimes the pain is so horrible

That I don’t even know what or how to feel.

It’s like I have a heart made of steel!

My joy, my light, my love,

Oh all these things the Devil is desperately trying to steal.

But Jesus, He is REAL!

He’s the one who helps me to heal.

Healing takes time, but it won’t be long,

Because Jesus has the wheel.

The pain is fleeting,

The scars are fading away.

The bruises have stopped swelling,

Jesus is making a way.

The process is slow,

But He carries me day by day.

Moments of healing are always worth feeling,

But it all takes time.

Here is the audio version:

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