What are you Thankful For?

Thanksgiving is finally here! I want to share 10 things that I am thankful for! 

#1: God and His faithfulness

I can’t even begin to express how much God’s loyalty means to me. He never left my side even through the darkest seasons of my life. My transition from high school to college was a rough one, but I thank God that He was with me through it all!

#2: Life and Health

Although I often take these things for granted, I am truly grateful for good health and strength. There are so many people who didn’t make it to see another day which is why I have to thank God that I am alive, breathing, able to walk, see, taste, hear, smell, and have my being through Him.

#3: My Family

It has been said that you can’t choose your family. Although we have our moments, I would choose my family all over again if I was given the chance to. My family isn’t a perfect one, but I love it anyway! I thank God for my two awesome and loving parents. I’m grateful for the morals and values that they have instilled in me from a young age. Without my parents, I won’t be the young lady that I am today. I’m also extremely grateful for my little sister. She is such a blessing in my life and I adore the strong bond that we have together. I also thank God for my grandparents. I appreciate their support and wisdom that has guided me through the years. I am grateful for all my aunts, uncles, and cousins who have never stopped loving me and helped me through this journey called life.

#4: Close Friends 

Sometimes I tend to over look this blessing. At times I feel like I’m all alone and that no one cares about me, when in reality, I have some amazing people that have been by my side all along. I want to thank God for every single friend that I have. Thank you all for your support, kindness, and loyalty. I am grateful for all the great relationships that I had and will have in the upcoming years of my college experience.

#5: Music

Music is like therapy to a teenage heart. Every time I plugged my headphones in and blasted my favorite tunes, I felt more alive and stronger than I’ve ever been before! Thank God for the ultimate retreat from the pressures of reality.

#6: Knowledge and Wisdom

This one is extremely important to me. I love gaining knowledge whether it comes from the classroom or life experiences. I thank God for every opportunity that I have to gain a new insight to the teachings that this world has to offer. Most of all, I’m grateful for my ability to learn and retain wisdom from many sages that I’ve come in contact with on a daily basis.

#7: The College Experience (So Far) 

Although the road was bumpy in the beginning, I have to say that college is shaping me into a better person each day. I thank God for The King’s College and its godly based education. I’m grateful for the rigorous work load that is helping me to develop the tenacity and grit that I need to survive in the real world. I thank God for the community and the friendships that I have developed so far. I also thank God for The School for Legal Studies and the experiences that I have gained there. If I didn’t attend that school I wouldn’t have all the opportunities that I have now. I also thank Ebenezer Preparatory school for giving me a godly foundation in the early years of my life.

#8: Fall and Winter

I just love these two seasons! Even if the weather is bitterly cold, I love the beautiful autumn leaves, the pumpkins, and the crisp feeling that winter brings. In my opinion, getting warm is better than keeping cool. I thank God for the hot chocolate, sweaters, lattes, and warmth that comes with the winter season. I’m also grateful for Christmas which is right around the corner!

#9: Salvation  

Although this wasn’t placed near the top of the list, it is still the most important reason to be thankful. I am BEYOND grateful for Jesus’ death on the cross. Without Christ’s finished work on Calvary, I wouldn’t have a purpose for living the Christian life. I am so thankful that in spite of the brutal death that He suffered, Jesus still thought about me and paid the penalty for my sin. I thank God that He didn’t stay dead. Thank the Lord that Jesus rose again and through His blood, I have been set free! We all can be liberated from the sins of our flesh if we believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died to save us from a lost eternity in hell. Thank you Lord for making salvation so rich and free!

#10: More opportunities to give God thanks

Thanksgiving isn’t the only day that we can be grateful for all the blessings that God has bestowed on us. Everyday is a new opportunity to give God thanks and praise for everything that He has done. I pray that you enjoy your Thanksgiving with many more blessings to come!

What are you thankful for?

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