Insights from Israel

I cannot believe that I finally got to visit the Holy Land! Last month, I attended Israel with my school, The King's College, as part of the Passages Program. I am grateful to both of these organizations for giving me the opportunity to take this incredible journey. After enduring a 10-hour flight (the jet lag was... Continue Reading →

Soar, Caged Bird

Soar, Caged Bird By: Sarah Fox In honor of Black History Month, I wrote a poem called "Soar, Caged Bird" which pays homage to Maya Angelou's "Caged Bird" poem. The poem talks about the history of slavery and segregation and how black people were able to rise above that through engaging with their heritage. There... Continue Reading →

Justice! [Passion Post]

There is an outcry of Justice in this world and all anyone wants to do is silence our cries for hope, purity, and truth in this world. In this world people are dying. People are becoming numb to what true justice and peace looks like. Terrorists are attacking, education is lacking, the government is slacking,... Continue Reading →

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