Justice! [Passion Post]

There is an outcry of Justice in this world and all anyone wants to do is silence our cries for hope, purity, and truth in this world. In this world people are dying. People are becoming numb to what true justice and peace looks like. Terrorists are attacking, education is lacking, the government is slacking, and the future generations have no hope of making a difference in this world. Young people are being told that they are no longer worthy, or good enough to lead a foundation for change. Instead they are being shot to death by police, stuffing cigarettes in their mouths, drowning in alcohol, becoming sex slaves, and chocking from the grip of false ideologies and philosophies in Ivy league universities.

It’s time for us to SHOUT. It’s time for us to break the silence and speak up! It’s time for us as a church, as a nation, and as a people to stop trying to beat the system, but pray for the system. Pray for racial equality. Pray that God would rise up a wise candidate for president. Pray that our African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Indians, West Indians would rise and become precious gems in the heart of this country. Pray that our black men would be respected and treated as though their lives really do matter.

Pray that this generation of young people would stop being slaves to sexual sins, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, abuse, depression, self image, popularity, police brutality, and pitfalls of education, and start turning to THE LORD JESUS CHRIST because he is the source of ETERNAL LIFE and he is the ONLY way to everlasting strength and peace. There is an outcry of Justice in this world. Let us make this cry LOUDER and LOUDER as we silence the lies of this world that choke our desire to be heard.

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